Stretch & Strengthening Exercise and Posture Correction Training Classes

Stretch & Strengthening Exercise and Posture Correction Training Classes

Alleviate chronic pain & muscle tension Improve joint range of motion Reduce stress & knots in your soft tissue Promote healthy & active life style

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During the classes:

- Breathing control exercise

- Upper & Lower body stretching

- Body strengthening training

- Whole body diet stretching & training

Taekwondo Stretching:

Stretching is one of the most important things to do while practicing or participating in any physical activity. Stretching not only warms up the muscles in your body, but it helps prevent pain and pulling of the muscles, and helps with flexibility and motion. In order to perform taekwondo moves, one needs to practice and stretch. The focus on stretching is on the muscle itself and where the tendons and muscles meet or connect. This helps in increasing flexibility. For example, in order to perform the turning kick, or dollyo chagi, one must rotate dynamically and be able to kick at the height of someone's head. To do this, the goal is to increase the range of motion in the body through flexibility, which can be achieved by stretching.

What happens when we stretch?

First off, the basic make-up of our muscles is two parts: the muscle belly and the tendon. The muscle itself can stretch up to one-and-a-half times its own length, while tendons could be permanently damaged if stretched only four percent beyond their length. When we stretch, it goes from the middle of the muscle belly to where the muscle and tendon meet. The best stretch is held for sixty seconds, allowing the stretch to reach the whole length of the muscle and work into the muscle-tendon connections. Gentle stretching allows the muscles to relax, let them release and eventually grow longer. Too much of anything can be bad - stretching is no different! If you stretch too long or too intensely you can experience pain in your muscles. Pain is usually a bad signal and usually means your body is trying to repair damage. While stretching there shouldn't be any form of pain or severe discomfort, especially if you are trying to become more mobile and increase your flexibility.

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Gain confidence through physical training through one of the most aggressive self-defense strategies.

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